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  • Dámaris Romera

Pincushion with special padding

I've been sewing for a while in my head again. So I bought a good sewing machine and some basic material that I needed to get started. And to keep my pins safe and well cared for, I've made a couple of slightly special pin cushions... Do you want to know the secret? Follow the steps and you will see! :)

Step 1

Gather all the material:


· Round fabric cutout

· Padding

· Medium button

· Aluminum scouring pad

· Glue gun

· Thick and long needle

· Thread cutter

· Felt

· Pins


Steps 2 to 4

· Border with long and separated stitches all the outer contour of the round fabric.

· Place a little of the filling centering it with the fabric.

· Put the sponge on top and cover well with more filling. Stretch each end of the threads to gather and gather it all.

Steps 5 to 7

· Compress as much as possible.

· Turn and check that the shape is as round as possible and without deforming.

· Sew long stitches repeatedly from the center to the ends, until you get 8 partitions.

Steps 7 to 9

· Turn and bring the ends as close as possible, making long and strong stitches until the shape of the pincushion is as round as possible.

· Cut out a round piece of felt and hot glue it to cover the seams and give it a polished finish and to lean on.

Et voila! We already have the pincushion ready to be used!

You may ask... Why a scourer inside?. This special pincushion has two functions. Keep the order of the pins at bay and at the same time sharpen them every time we prick them.

I hope you liked my first mini project.

Sewing is something that defines me a lot. And that's why, if everything goes well and I manage to beat the sewing machine... I'll keep posting my creations here. =)

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