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Coloring "The enchanted forest"

Prints by Johanna Basford

Aquiles presents some of the plates that I have been coloring this summer.

Many of you will know what a Mandala is. As well, Johanna Basford is the queen of "mandalas for adults". Illustrator, Scottish and also my fifth. All perfect! :P

He has several coloring books but "The Enchanted Forest" Art Prints Edition is amazing, I assure you. This book is made up of thick sheets that can be framed once finished. His books are:

-Secret Garden -Enchanted Forest -Lost Ocean -Magic Jungle -Johanna's Christmas -Ivy and the ink butterfly -Flower World

When he draws he is inspired by nature to create his organic and magical compositions. He grew up on a farm and lives in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, where he has his studio with large windows from which he can see the countryside in all its splendor.

He doesn't like to design by computer, he considers it "cold and soulless". That's why he's so adept with traditional media. He has sold more than 20 million books (which is said soon) and that is due to the quality of his illustrations. Take great care of the details. When you immerse yourself in coloring, it is the first thing you notice about his strokes.

Christmas is coming... If you are thinking of giving a curious gift, one of his books together with a good set of colors or markers will make you look very cool.

I bought the book "The Enchanted Forest" Artist Prints Edition at Fnac and the colors you can find there too or look for more Pro options in Amazon.

Prepare yourself a good cup of tea or coffee, put on inspiring music and immerse yourself in this world of disconnection and creativity without expectations!

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