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Illustrator course at CIFO L'H

I rarely run out of words... But I will try to express myself as best as possible. A few days ago I finished the Advanced Tools with Illustrator course, taught at CIFO L'H by PEBE STUDIO.

I never imagined that an experience like this would shake my fears and insecurities. It has been a relatively short course, but not for that reason little intense. Quite the opposite. I have learned much more than to manage a program.

Thanks to the development of a project, I have understood that I can face whatever comes my way. The ghosts in my head have vanished :) It's just a matter of continuing to dream big and create.

Once again, I take with me an unforgettable experience and great people who are already part of my story.

Presentación del proyecto final.

© 2023 by Dámaris Romera.

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