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My mother taught me to sew 👗

Sometimes I remember with nostalgia some moments of my childhood.

One of them is in the wool shop that my mother had. In the afternoons when leaving school he had me sitting in a chair sewing half pont squares. I could choose the yarns of the colors I wanted! That freaked me out. 😍

Years later, she was working as a dressmaker from home. At that time I was already a teenager. I learned to understand patterns, cut, baste, handle sewing machines and above all, discover that super special garments can come out of your hands.

Obviously, all that baggage led me towards a creative and technical personality. I decided to study Graphic Design, which I do not regret. But it took me a little away from that world.

I have always liked fashion and after many years away from it, I have found it again. After working in a couple of textile companies, a global pandemic hits and I find myself unemployed (for the fifteenth time). 🤣

This time it was not going to happen... I already had a sewing machine, so it was time to get serious again.

Honestly, I didn't give "two dollars" for me, but I was wrong.

Pattern magazine in hand, I decided to make my first garment. "The blue dress”. The simplest thing in the world, I know. But it has been my starting point and of which I am proud today.

I keep learning and experimenting. I have discovered that Graphic Design and Fashion marry like a fable. So… Go for it all! Here I leave my first creations. 💙

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