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  • Dámaris Romera

Domestikart - 1st Edition

A night of design and karts.

Let creativity accelerate!

Recently, the Domestika online platform has started to organize outline meetings.

On June 28 at the Convent dels Àngels, the first edition of Domestikart took place.

Event in which 9 renowned designers exhibited their work, shared their experiences and gave some advice to the rest of the creatives present.

The nine speakers: Malika Favre, Vasava, Yarza Twins, Javier Jaén, Brosmind, Six N. Five, Krizia Robustella, Boldtron y Studio.

During the session, conferences and Kart races were combined among the speakers. Without a doubt, it has been a very enriching and innovative experience. Long live these types of encounters!

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