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My new creative studio

Renewed or die!

They say that big changes come after a strong shake...

After being unemployed a couple of months ago, I have decided to do a "reset", enjoy the summer and renew my study.

This is the result!. Fresh air to unleash my creative tasks.

I never thought that being so minimalist would speculate every corner. But I feel very comfortable, everything is at hand and well organized. Now to work!

As expected, my cats have been the first to sniff out the changes.

It's been quite a busy few days. Painting walls, boxes and plastics invading the room, noise when assembling the furniture... But finally, the chaos is gone again.

Pandora has decided that her place of observation is the shelves. Before, I had bosses, start and end times... now I have a furry pair that accompany me and heal my soul.

I know what you are thinking... How much white!

Hahaha! Yes, even my cat Aquiles is. My approach to break sobriety is to start customizing the boxes and thus give the note of color.

The body asks me to go back to painting with acrylics, to make my own vinyls, etc. Well and above all because if I don't my cat will blend in with the environment and then anyone will find him!

P.D.: In case anyone is interested, the furniture and accessories are from Ikea.

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