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Soutache: couture jewelry

Lately I'm in "seamstress" mode. I've been putting myself to the test for a few months now and making some personalized garments. So I have decided to upload a new thematic post to the blog.

A few years ago I discovered a somewhat curious way of "sewing jewelry". The technique is called soutache and from the first stitch I knew that very special pieces were going to come out of my hands

The soutache is a braided cord with which filigrees can be made by setting stones. Something like drawing with thread and sequins. It is considered aute couture for its complexity and exclusivity.

After making several pieces, I liked the results so much that I also did a corporate brand to finish seeing them as a final product. Organza is a type of fabric used in elegant, "high-end" garments.

I doubt very much that it will take time to sew Soutache again... The desire has returned to me because in one of the jackets that I have made these days ago, I have recovered one of those pieces. And the result is amazing!.

In future posts I will upload my sewing progress in clothing :)

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